The Dance of the Yin Yang, Alchemy Spinning Workshop in Barcelona

The Dance of the Yin Yang, Alchemy Spinning Workshop in Barcelona

The Dance of the Yin Yang

Alchemy Spinning™ Workshop by Raquel Santiago


About Alchemy Spinning™

Alchemy Spinning ™ is a powerful and yet accessible whirling practice at the intersection of mindfulness and movement.

Inspired on Sufi Dervishes and other whirling dances of the world, Alchemy Spinning™ makes the physical, psychological and spiritual benefits of whirling accessible to everybody.

The Dance of the Yin Yang

The Dance of the Yin Yang is an invitation to explore the whirling dance using the Alchemy Spinning platform through the two basic principles of our universe and of our existence, the feminine and the masculine.

Our exploration of feminine movement will follow the water element, which makes up 70% of our bodies. We wiil release all tensions to explore water’s ability to flow and be shapeless.

Our exploration of masculine movement will follow the Earth element,  and its ability to contain and give shape to the shapeless.

During the workshop we will work on several exercises that combine dance, yoga, breathing and meditation in order to connect deeply with our own bodies, balance the flow of energy in our chakras along our spines, and root ourselves firmly in the Earth, while charging up our energy and opening our hearts.  This is the key to avoid and manage dizziness.

After learning the basic whirling techniques, we will create and hold a safe space for the participants to whirl at will, but each person is encouraged to spin according to their own needs and feelings, entering and exiting the spinning space as they feel compelled to.

We will end up the workshop with an integration in order to connect deeply with our experience, ideas, insights, healing and creativity through art.

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Open to everybody. No previous dance experience is necessary.
December 11, 2016 10am-2:00pm.
Venue: Tot Tansa, Passeis de l’Estatut, 8, Santa Maria de Palautordera, Barcelona, Spain.
Cost: 35€ Early Bird until November 28. 40€ after November 28
 December 17, 2016 10am-2:00pm.
Venue: Narayana C/Industria 4 baixos, Igualada Barcelona.
Cost: 44€ Early Bird until December 3rd. 50€ after December 3rd.
December 18, 2016 10am-2:30pm.
Venue: Alnöuart, Carrer Berga 36, Barcelona, Spain.
Cost: 50€ Early Bird until December 3rd. 60€ after December 3rd.

For registration please send me a message.