Alchemy Spinning Featured on

Alchemy Spinning Featured on


On March 26 2014 the digital magazine published an article about Alchemy Spinning™  entitled “Cracking the Code of Healing Dance”. In this article,  journalist Cintia Cavalcante describes her experience attending an AlchemySpinning™  workshop. The article says:

The body movement through dance has fascinated me from a young age and I have attended various modalities of this fascinating art all my life. One in particular caught my attention years ago. The transcendental Sufi dance. I have recently found in the Bay Area a phenomenal Spanish Sufi dance instructor, Raquel Boluda Santiago, and I attended one of her workshops. A true journey disguised as workshop. In Raquel’s words ” “My creative process relies on a deep listening of the body in a state of complete presence in the here and now, which allows for the emergence of an expanded consciousness, and of a channeling of creativity and healing.”

As an experienced dancer I deeply admire Raquel’s teaching style and content. Her techniques beautifully blend both raw and refined aspects of human existence. With great balance and sensitivity Raquel can “heal individual and/ or collective traumas. Releasing stress, fear and anxiety. Self knowledge, insights, unlocking of emotions and memories. Heightened state of consciousness, presence, sensorial awareness, joy, compassion towards self and others and inner peace.”

I cannot recommend this workshop and classes highly enough. Go as frequently as possible. Make it as a gift to yourself.

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Alchemy Spinning and Transformative Activism

Alchemy Spinning™  as an incubated project  by Kumu, the first innovation lab for transformative activism, is involved in transformative activism serving as a holotropic platform for the advancement of humanity, with a focus on helping others discover their own power to heal themselves, to be more artistic and creative, and to engage in co-creating a thriving, peaceful, sustainable culture based on love, respect and compassion.

Alchemy Spinning™ and Kumu work together seeking to transform activism through a consciousness-expanding somatic work.

We believe that in order to transform our world we need to heal and transform ourselves. All Transformation comes from inside to outside like a spiral. Also we believe to co-create a thriving, peaceful, sustainable culture we need to be transformative activists.

Alchemy Spinning™ works with two important axis from our bodies. The vertical axis as a conduit between the Earth (mother, feminine energy, matter) and the Cosmos (father, masculine energy, spirit) connects us with our basic goodness. In the buddhist tradition basic goodness means “pure” and “complete”.  The horizontal axis connects the right arm to the left arm through the heart (love, empathy, goodness, compassion). This is our manifestation in the world, in other words is the world that we create or co-create with others.

Alchemy Spinning™ invokes personal and collective transformation in order  to connect with our basic goodness,  the only solid foundation for transformative action. Only from our basic goodness we can help ourselves and help others.

How to find our basic goodness? Basic goodness emerges if we let it be. It appears when we relax and connect with our body, heart and mind.  Then doubt and vulnerability emerges from our fully embody presence, they are our journey partners.

When we are present  we can see and know the world and be able to create empathy in order to recognize and understand the emotional states of other people to experience accurate  compassion.

This journey of consciousness invites us to discover our wisdom in order to be free of any obfuscations of culture, mind, or ego, and extend compassionate actions into the word.

Alchemy Spinning™ and Kumu organize innovative workshops addressed to people involved in activism using the somatic platform of Alchemy Spinning™ .