Magic Spirals is an Alchemy Spinning dance & technology performance by Stanford’s scientists Don Kimber, Maribeth Back, and dancer Raquel Boluda. It will be premiered on November 15, 2015 at Dance Hack Day, SAFEHouse Arts, San Francisco.

Magic Spirals explores the magic of spirals through dance, music and technology.

Spirals combine rotation with upward and downward movement. Spirals and the movement, may be real or illusory. They are mathematically profound, and like fractals are self similar and invariant across scale. Spirals and helices are all around us, and within us, from our DNA to the galaxy we live in. Even a healthy heart actually has the structure of a spiral. We celebrate the spiral through
dance and seek ascension, working from the foundation of our grounded selves, then spinning, we rise, ever upward,
ever higher. Our perspective changes, from within, to without. We reach a state beyond our selves to a transcendent
state of Self, connecting us with each other and all that is.