Falling Off 

August 5th, 2016 7pm at Grace Cathedral, San Francisco

Kinetech Arts presents Falling Off, an exploration into the interactions between the world and our physical bodies and the transformation experienced over time. This performance is part of the Soundwave ((7)) Biennial Architecture event at Grace Cathedral.

In the beginning of a long journey is the phase of purification, a letting go of the details of your life by shedding thoughts and distractions. Intense physical practice is often employed as a vehicle to quiet the active mind. By entering the labyrinth, we reflect on the tension between the desire of letting go and the instinct of holding on.

Choreography: Daiane Lopes da Silva
Dancers: Shareen DeRyan, Maria Sotnikova, Keryn Breiterman-Loader, Amelia Eisen, Neta Singer, and Raquel Santiago.
Live Music : Erick R. Scheid

Raquel Santiago presents at Kinetech Arts Featured Artists

July 12, 2016 8-10pm at SAFEhouse Arts, 1 Grove St., San Francisco.

The Kinetech Arts Featured Artist Presentation series is a monthly showcase for some of the most interesting creators, artists, makers and thinkers today. www.kinetecharts.org

Raquel will offer a backstage pass to her creative process, sharing key insights and intimate personal stories that inform her unique artistic journey that breaks molds, playing at the intersection of dance, activism, and spiritual path.

Know more here

The Spiral of Hope

March 12, 2016 GIN Conferences at Columbus School in Medellín, Colombia

The Spiral of Hope is an improvisation Alchemy Spinning Prayerformance that collects all hopes from all participants at GIN to heal and transform our planet, to co-create together a fair, abundant and sustainable world based on love, compassion and peace.

L’Espiral de la Pau

December 16, 2015, 19:00 at Centre d’Entitats Mas Guinardó, Barcelona.

L’Espiral de la Pau is a dance-ritual Alchemy Spinning performance.

Magic Spirals

November 15, 2015 at Dance Hack Day, SAFEHouse Arts, San Francisco.

Magic Spirals is a dance & technology performance by Stanford’s scientists Don Kimber, Maribeth Back, and dancer Raquel Santiago. It explores the magic of spirals through dance, music and technology.

Spirals combine rotation with upward and downward movement. Spirals and the movement, may be real or illusory. They are mathematically profound, and like fractals are self similar and invariant across scale. Spirals and helices are all around us, and within us, from our DNA to the galaxy we live in. Even a healthy heart actually has the structure of a spiral. We celebrate the spiral through
dance and seek ascension, working from the foundation of our grounded selves, then spinning, we rise, ever upward,
ever higher. Our perspective changes, from within, to without. We reach a state beyond our selves to a transcendent
state of Self, connecting us with each other and all that is.

Ephemeral Footprint

October 16 & 17, 2015 at  The 3rd Last Festival, Standford, CA.

October 23, 2015 at Codame, San Francisco.

October 24, 2015 at SAFEhouse Arts, San Francisco.

Ephemeral Footprints is an improvisation dance and technology piece that explores the evanescent traces left by human emotions. This piece is in collaboration with Weidong Yang and Kinetech Arts.


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