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Alchemy Spinning ™ is a powerful and yet accessible whirling practice at the intersection of mindfulness and movement.

Inspired on Sufi Dervishes and other whirling dance in the world, Alchemy Spinning™ makes the physical, psychological and spiritual benefits of whirling accesible to everybody.

 Alchemy Spinning ™ uses dance, movement, breath work, mindfulness and meditation to induce a state of expanded consciousness.

The benefits include personal and spiritual growth, healing, self-knowledge, and enhanced artistic expression.

Experience an expanded state of consciousness

Unleash your creativity and your artistic expression

Discover your own true power to heal your life

Become more aware, present and embodied

Awaken joy, inner peace, and compassion towards self and others

It could be said that the spiral is the most important movement in the universe. Galaxies and planets trace spirals through the universe, and the genetic information on which all life depends is arranged in the spirals of DNA. Thus the universe and man’s consciousness could be seen as dynamic continuum expressed by the spiral.

Since ancient times, different peoples have used whirling dances as a way to access the ineffable wisdom of the cosmos, and its fractal manifestations in our inner world and inside each our our living cells.

The most famous of whirling dances is that of the Sufi dervishes, mystic dancers of the Middle East seeking to connect with the mysteries of the universe through their ecstatic and consciousness-expanding spinning practice.

Why do children spin and dervishes whirl? Why do we feel an irresistible urge to spin when we’re overwhelmed by joy?

Dancer and mindfulness teacher Raquel Santiago from Barcelona, Spain, believes that whirling is a super-mindfulness practice, even more powerful and beneficial than regular meditation.

“it is like a super-charged meditation”  explains Raquel – “spinning takes us right into a state of expanding consciousness, where focus, calm, creative epiphanies, insights and self-knowledge come to us effortlessly”.

Raquel founded Alchemy Spinning with the goal of making the benefits of whirling accessible to everybody. The practice combines dance, movement, breathwork and meditation, building up to a group whirling session she describes as “unforgettable”.

Studies show that whirling unlocks and activates connections between the cerebellum –the part of the brain responsible for motor development– and the upper regions of the brain that control attention, focus, reason and logic – which govern our capacity for significant thinking.

According to Raquel, no previous dance or whirling experience is necessary, and the practice is accessible to people of all ages.

“I love working with people who have never whirled before, and see them overcome with joy and gratitude when they get to spin for 30 minutes or longer, without getting dizzy” -says Raquel.



Alchemy Spinning™ fall under three categories:

Personal Growth

This is the most general kind of workshop, open to anyone seeking to explore and experience the benefits of Alchemy Spinning™. These include self knowledge, insights, unlocking of emotions and memories, heightened state of consciousness, presence, sensorial awareness, joy, compassion towards self and others and inner peace. Also we organize workshops with a therapeutic goal seeking to heal a variety of traumas, besides collective traumas such as pollution and social injustice.

Art & Creativity

These workshops are often catered towards practitioners of a particular art discipline, such as dancers, painters, writers, or musicians, although multidisciplinary workshops can also be very powerful.

These workshops allow artists to awaken, unlock and download unprecedented creativity, playfulness and inspiration.

Co-creation and Facilitation

These workshops are also organized ad-hoc with a specific group and goal in mind, such as conflict resolution, team building, brainstorming, or innovation,  helping groups unlock their creative potential and achieve their collective goals, whether for activism, learning, business, team building, or co-creation.

In general Alchemy Spinning™ Classes and Workshops are divided in five parts:

Breathing and Movement. – We will work on several exercises in order to connect deeply with our own bodies, balance the flow of energy in our chakras and along our spines, and root ourselves firmly in the Earth, while charging up our energy. We will learn to build and nurture our own vertical axis as a conduit between the Earth (matter, mother, feminine energy) and the Cosmos (spirit, father, masculine energy). This is the key to avoid and manage dizziness.

Spinning Techniques.- We will learn the basic techniques to spin smoothly and safely.

Meditation.-  We use Shambhala Meditation and Chakra Meditation to activate swirling of energy around our chakras, echoing the movement of celestial bodies in the Cosmos, and the spiraling journey of planet Earth as it travels through the universe. This is key to open ourselves up to receiving an expansion of consciousness during the spinning phase.

Alchemy Spinning.- We create and hold a judgement-free, safe, container to spin and / or watch others spin. Our vertical and horizontal axes meet at the level of our hearts, which become full and open. Human consciousness in the world expresses itself as essential kindness and love, while total presence in the here and now bypasses our ego and unlocks a direct connection with source. Most participants are typically able to spin for 30 to 60 minutes, but each person is encouraged to spin according to their own needs and feelings, entering and exiting the spinning space as they feel compelled to.

Integration.- The integration of our Alchemy Spinning™ practice is a guided process allowing participants to harness the benefits of the practice. Through this process we access healing, inner revelations, insights, creative breakthroughs, heart opening, and a deeper connection to our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.




The body movement through dance has fascinated me form a young age and I have attended various modalities of this fascinating art all my life. One in particular caught my attention years ago. The trascendental Sufi dance. i have recently found in the Bay Area a phenomenal Spanish Sufi dance instructor, Raquel Boluda Santiago, and I attended one of her workshops. A true journey disguised consciousness, and of a channeling of creativity and healing.

As an experienced dancer I deeply admire Raquel’s reaching style and content. Her techniques beautifully blend both raw and refined aspects of human existence. With great balance and sensitivity Raquel can “heal individual and/or collective traumas. Releasing stress, fear and anxiety. Self knowledge, insights, unlocking of emotions and memories. Heightened state of consciousness, presence, sensorial awareness, joy, compassion towards self and others and inner peace.”

I cannot recommend this workshop and classes highly enough. Go as frequently as possible. Make it as a gift to yourself.”

Click here watch the article in Examiner.com

Cintia Cavalcante- Examiner.com

I want to tell you Manuel’s story.

Manuel wrote me an email and told me that he never danced before and he suffered strong vertigo for long time. He really wanted to experience whirling dance but he wasn’t be sure for his vertigo problem. I encouraged him to come and gave him special advises and he whirled beautifully for 45 minutes. He didn’t have dizziness or vertigo. And this was his comment:

“Thank you for encouraging me to do this Alchemy Spinning workshop with you. The preparation helped me release all my tensions and loosen up my body. I felt guided by you throughout the workshop and I didn’t experience any dizziness. To practice Alchemy Spinning has been an intimate experience that has touched me deeply, given me an energy boost, and filled me with gratitude. I can see now that you are a great Teacher”.


Thank you Raquel for your work, for your pretty energy and for sharing this beautiful dance meditation with us! I experienced an amazing connection with my body, with my own center and with the Cosmo. After the workshop I felt more present, light and confident. I’m excited for more workshops!


Thank you Raquel. Such an amazing workshop. I’m still high and feeling very open from the whole experience. Such a gift you have Raquel. Whirl on!


This Alchemy Spinning workshop has been a gift for my body and my soul. Reaching a place of harmony, balance and inner peace was fantastic, but to feel my own vibration was DIVINE. It became obvious to me that we are more than mere physical bodies.


Thank you all for such a Delightful Day of Alchemy Spinning! And a very special thanks to you Raquel for your superb skill and splendid spirit in guiding us into the soul of moving meditation! I am very much looking forward to having the opportunity of whirling in wholehearted wonderment again!


Thank you for this Alchemy Spinning workshop. It was a moving meditation which has transformed completely. I can’t wait to do it again.


Alchemy Spinning™ is a project incubated in Kumu, an innovation lab for transformative activism.

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