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Alchemy Spinning ™ is a powerful and yet accessible whirling practice at the intersection of mindfulness and movement.

Inspired on Sufi Dervishes and other whirling dance in the world, Alchemy Spinning™ makes the physical, psychological and spiritual benefits of whirling accesible to everybody.

 Alchemy Spinning ™ uses dance, movement, breath work, mindfulness and meditation to induce a state of expanded consciousness.

The benefits include personal and spiritual growth, healing, self-knowledge, and enhanced artistic expression.

Experience an expanded state of consciousness

Unleash your creativity and your artistic expression

Discover your own true power to heal your life

Become more aware, present and embodied

Awaken joy, inner peace, and compassion towards self and others

Alchemy Spinning ™ has been developed by dancer and therapist Raquel Boluda inspired by the spinning of planets, stars and galaxies; by the movements of energy around our chakras; and by the hypnotic whirling of several ancient dance traditions, such as Sufi dervishes.

It could be said that the spiral is the most important movement in the universe. Galaxies and planets trace spirals through the universe, and the genetic information on which all life depends is arranged in the spirals of DNA. Thus the universe and man’s consciousness could be seen as dynamic continuum expressed by the spiral.

Since ancient times, different peoples have used whirling dances as a way to access the ineffable wisdom of the cosmos, and its fractal manifestations in our inner world and inside each our our living cells.

The most famous of whirling dances is that of the Sufi dervishes, mystic dancers of the Middle East seeking to connect with the mysteries of the universe through their ecstatic and consciousness-expanding spinning practice.

For years Raquel Boluda sought to access the benefits of whirling for her own healing and growth. In the process, she encountered two main obstacles standing in the way of regular people to experience the benefits of whirling. First, the lack of an modern, accessible and effective somatic practice to prepare, hold the space and integrate the whirling experience. Second, the religious affiliations of most of the whirling practices.

Raquel Boluda developed Alchemy Spinning ™ to overcome these obstacles, creating an accessible somatic practice that allows everyone to experience the transformative benefits of whirling without a need for special training and without a religious context.

Alchemy Spinning™ is a project incubated in Kumu, an innovation lab for transformative activism.


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